My initial goal when I started personal training were to lose 10 kilos in 3 months, eat better and get fit as I had reached a point when I realised I could not do it by myself and needed help. I started noticing the results after the first week as I had already lost my first kilo. I was very pleased and although the training was hard this kept me going. After 3 weeks the loss of weight was already visible. My biggest achievements are that I have lost 7 kilos since I started training 2 months and half ago, I have a fit body and most of all I am very proud of the quick achievement. All training sessions are hard but having Elspeth as a personal trainer is a must as it helps you go beyond your limits and gain more resistance and of course a nicer body.    


The results have impacted my life at all levels and I am proud of having inspired my colleagues, friends and family. I feel better in my body as I eat better thanks to the nutrition advice received as part of the training. Given that I eat better, I have more energy to train. I feel more confident with fit body and nicer skin. It makes me laugh when I am being asked if I am an athlete. I have gained resistance so I run longer and faster and sleep better at night. In a word, I am happier with my new life style, I love running and I am getting faster in 5km every week. I am sure that everybody would have made the same choice if they only knew all the benefits of it.


My next goal is to run a marathon and raise money for a charitable cause, something I would have never thought possible a few months ago!

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