Why Weight Training Is Good For Women As We Age!

When we visualise an image of weight training a women of a certain age is not the instant image that comes into our heads. However, people are becoming more educated into the health benefits of weight training, for people of all ages and backgrounds. People of all ages and backgrounds, from those retired to endurance athletes are no longer being put off by the stereotyped image of a huge body builder.

Here are just a few reasons why you should do weight training if you are a women that wants to fee young:

  • Weight training can improve your bone density and delay the

  • As you reach 30 your muscle mass starts to decline, but regular weight training can improve your muscle mass.

  • Weight training can improve your posture

  • Weight training can help the effects of menopause

  • If you like to keep active with other sports, weight training will give you more strength and help protect you from getting injured.

So you don't have to grown old and frail, you get grown up strong and redefine the stereotypes of your age group.

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