What Is Get Strong Performance

Get Strong Performance in Palma de Mallorca exists because we realised people wanted to actually feel strong both physically and mentally.

With seas of machines in front of them and no one to help them, clients wandered aimlessly around large gyms. Then they left and seldom returned, wasting the money they had spent on long memberships because they “weren’t getting any results.”

I opened Get Strong Performance to provide a place where expert coaches work closely with clients to make sure they get results quickly in a supportive, welcoming environment.

What brought me to working as a personal trainer was from teaching in a college, again I was unable to offer the full support to my students and more than anything what I knew was lacking was the physical health of both adults and adolescents. I believe becoming strong physically can help with the success of any career.

Before I opened Get Strong Performance I worked as a Personal Trainer in a gym in London. I was working crazy hours unable to fully interact with the clients and offer a personal service. The gym was overcrowded and unable to offer the attention I wanted to help my clients.

I had a lot to learn, but right from the start I knew exactly the kind of gym I wanted to open: a coaching facility where clients would get one-on-one attention or large amounts of direct coaching in a small-group setting. I knew that service would help clients accomplish their goals fastest.

I made a promise to myself: No one would ever leave my gym confused or intimidated. We would provide a welcoming, supportive, high-touch coaching service. We would ask clients about their goals, give them the perfect plan to accomplish them, and answer every single question along the way.

Today we are more invested because we know how to listen to our clients and invested in training our coaches to best identify the needs of our clients. We’ve learned more and more about exactly how to do that over the years. What I have learned is that just asking clients what their goals are and talking with clients goes a long way.

Recently, we’ve rolled out our new Platinum Program that combines weekly personal fitness coaching with nutrition coaching. This program provides results fast, and it warms my heart to know my clients are being guided every step of the way by my staff of expert coaches.

If you’ve ever left a gym because you were confused, frustrated or intimidated, or if you’re nervous about starting a fitness program, I want to meet you. I literally created this business for you. And I’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to find out more about how we can help you.

No one leaves our gym confused or intimidated. So if you’d like to give fitness another

shot or try it for the first time, come talk to me at Get Strong Performance today!

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