The Challenge of Being Consistent

We all know that if we workout regularly and get into a good healthy routine we will make a good impact of our fitness and also our mental well-being. We know that consistency is the key being the best versions of ourselves. We also know it is tough to stick to a regular routine that works for us. On a daily basis we are filled with many distractions and reasons not stick with our routine and before we know it we have lost sight of the path that we want to be on.

I will share with you that recently after years of consistent training in the gym. I have dropped off. I had a shoulder injury in May, which meant I can't do some exercises and I'm busy competing on my bike. As a result, I am feeling weaker and I'm noticing my body composition is changing... not for the better. I know I can make the time to train, I know that some of the time I am sat at home I could be at the gym and I know that I'm not prioritising it, I know that the longer I leave it, that harder it will be.

I understand, being consistent and sticking with it, long enough to see results for a life time is tough. So here's some advise that I will also follow myself:-

  • Plan your time and be realistic. Block the time out of your diary. If you let it something else will get in the way, it will.

  • Don't go all in and think you need to train everyday. Put regular rest days into your schedule.

  • If you have tried everything and find it uninspiring, get professional help to realise your goals.

  • Don't give yourself a hard time if you miss a session, get right back on track as soon as you can.

  • Write down and priorities what is important to you.

To talk with me about prioritising your fitness Book a Free No Sweat Intro.

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