How to Keep Focused Without a Gym

With the announcement that gyms will have to close for 2 weeks as of next week, there is no reason you should stop the focus on your fitness. Ideally training with others and in a gym is better, but it's no excuse to give up entirely.

Here's some tips to keep your rhythm and ensure that going back to the gym will feel like no effort when they are reopened.

  • Keep training at home. However you are used to training, make sure that you are setting the time to train. Here's free guide to training at home with workouts

  • Go back to your goals, what do you want to achieve. How can you work towards them right now.

  • Keeping fit is as much as a mental game as a physical one. Work on your mental heath also. There are app's such as 'headspace' that can help you deal with stress and help you focus during difficult times.

  • Take the time to work on improving your nutritional habits.

I'm giving your our guide and workouts you can do indoors for free to get you through the next few weeks. Check it out HERE

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