Boost your Mental Well Being by Lifting Weights

Have you ever experienced an undesirable or traumatic situation and felt the temptation and spiral into a negative mindset and get angry and feel the situation was unjustified?

It is important to seek acceptance and to engage with positive activities. See it as an opportunity to boost your confidence and embark on a change.

Right now we all need a boost. We have all experienced how Covid has changed our world. Wherever we are in the world we have experienced the impacts of Covid on some way or another. We will all have different stories to tell. 

Lifting weights can make you feel great about yourself

It’s liberating to feel strong and empowered. It can give you an opportunity to take back control of your situation and become a stronger person. In fact, what happens to your muscles when you train is that they get broken down and torn. They then grow back stronger as you recover from the stress you have put them through. Take the same philosophy to your mind to feel stronger and more resilient for what the future may throw at you. 

Work towards a path of a stronger and more resilient person

Have goals and put your energies into achieving them. Start noticing ever small positive change towards your goal and you will soon see that shift in your mindset. It’s like a catalyst and you will soon want more. 

Lifting weights is great as in the gym you can measure your progress with the kg you can lift in each movement, how you can improve on your technique, how you can become more flexible, how you have more energy, how your physique will change, or whatever personally gives you satisfaction. Set these goals for your personal life also, it can be how being stronger has made you be able to achieve something whether it be walking up the stairs and not getting out of breath, lifting something without help from others. It could be from having the strength to help others, having the patience to listen to others or by completing something in your professional life. There’s a few examples, but whatever you spend your time doing positive things and always be present with your goals. Remind yourself how far you have come and the strength you needed to get you there. 

At Get Strong Performance we don’t only make you physically fit, but we also give you the confidence to acknowledge the strengths you have and how you got there.

Share in the comments, how has exercise helped your improve your mind?

Start a new path to strengthen your mental wellbeing and talk about your goals with one of our coaches

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