In this guide we will help you identify what minimal equipment you need and demonstrate exercises that you can do anywhere in the world to help you get stronger! 


Resistance Bands

The red and Black should be enough to get you started


A Rucksack

Include some heavy objects to add some weight.

How Often Should I Train?

To get started you don’t need to work out every day. Nor do you need to find a million exercises to do. Start by doing each of the workouts 1 or 2 times a week. Training 2 - 4 time a week in total. To train consistently week after week is far superior that smashing it one week never to return to the workouts again.

How Should I Warm Up?

Spend around 5 - 10 minutes warming up your body, you want to raise your heart rate slightly and loosen up your joints. 

Set a clock for 7 mins and and perform the following at a slow pace until the 7 minutes is up. 

  • 10 x Russian Twists

  • 5 x Inch Worm Press ups

  • 10 x Air squats

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