We Make You Stronger!

At Get Strong Performance we have a mission to make people stronger and live happier lives. 

We are not a regular gym. In fact most of our members don't like gyms. We listen to your goals and are there to support you in achieving them. We keep you motivated and give you evidence on your progress.

1-1 Coaching

Train 1-1 with your coach as you have their full support every step of the way.

Semi Personal Training

Train in a group of 6 people maximum. 

It's essential everyone is supportive to one another. You share the support of a coach.

Nutrition Coaching

Maximise your results by implementing healthy eating habits to support your goals.

Cycle Coaching

If your a girl that wants to get stronger at cycling, check out our sister company

'Girls Get Strong Cycling'


"   I am even fitter than when I was 40 and I know I am getting even stronger through powerlifting as it is being measured. I haven’t joined a gym, I haven’t got a personal trainer I‘ve got Coach Elspeth. She’s inspirational, strong disciplined and the best bit is she changes lives. It’s early days for me but I’m feeling inspired to do stuff, achieve, get out there. I’m grateful our paths crossed. Thanks Elspeth x"

Gwyneth Smith, 64

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